by Tetra
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Tetra AquaSafe Plus Aquarium Water Conditioner & Dechlorinator instantly makes tap water safe for aquarium use. It uses an advanced formula for clearer water and neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and toxic metals. Tetra AquaSafe Plus helps protect fish by promoting and enhancing their natural slime coating. AquaSafe Plus is a Bioextract Formula that contains seaweed extracts (natural biopolymers) to support the development of beneficial filter bacteria. These added ingredients help reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed. Use every time you add water into your aquarium. 16.9 oz. treats up to 1000 gallons. For all freshwater and marine aquariums.
16263: 8.4 oz.

16267: 16.9 oz.

16275: 01.4 oz.