Pro Eco BF Bio Flow Gravity Filters

by Pro Eco
$ 329.98

The BF Series gravity flow filters are ideal for large ponds and water gardens. The Bio Flow gravity flow filters deliver crystal clear water with very low maintenance. The filter design uses both biological and mechanical filtration to provide  clean, biologically enriched water. A high volume of oxygen is introduced as the water enters the filter, which maximizes the biological filtration process. The foam filter pads create a healthy environment, which supports the beneficial  bacteria that complete the biological filtration process and mechanically remove particulate.

Pro Eco Bio Flow Gravity Filters Technical Specs

  • Biological Filtration
  • Mechanical Filtration
  • Low Maintenance
  • Kink-Free hose fittings Included
  • Schedule 40 fitting adapters included

Pro UV Clarifiers are also available that are specifically designed for the Pro Eco Bio Flow Filters. Available in 18 and 36 Watts.

The CUV Series Ultraviolet Clarifiers (UVC) are an important part of any filtration system. In the clarification process, water is passed through the UVC chamber and the UVC bulb flocculates (clumps) the microscopic green algae, that are suspended in the water. The flocculated algae can then be captured by a mechanical filter. To ensure clear water the UVC must be properly sized for the filtration system and the correct flow rate must be maintained through the UV.

Pro Eco UV Clarifiers for Pro Eco Bio Flow Technical Specs

(3 year warranty on UV Clarifier unit, 1 year for lamp)