Pondmaster GFI Plug-In

by Pondmaster
$ 22.99
$ 4.99

Ground Fault Interrupters are a must to ensure the safety of you, your family and friends around your pond. Never take a chance by running equipment inside or around your pond that is plugged directly into unprotected electrical current. For use with pond supplies, outdoor lights, and portable tools.

  • Helps protect against outdoor electrical shock
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Rain Proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • UL and CSA Listed
  • Sealed electronics for outdoor use
  • Automatic reset feature
  • Grounded neutral protection
  • Open neutral protection
Trip Level:  4-6mA
Operating Temperature Range:  31°F to 150°F
Volts:  125
Hz:  60
Amps:  15
Surge Suppression:  13 Joules