MATALA/HAKKO: Pro 4 Plus EZ Air Kit

by Matala
$ 495.00
$ 396.00

Matala EZ Air Kits are the EZ solution to add aeration to your pond.

The Matala EZ Air Pro 4 Plus Kit is designed for ponds between 8,000 to 20,000 gallons depending on your fish load.

The MEA Pro 4 Plus Kit includes:

Matala HK60L Air Pump.

  • -Air flow up to 82 lpm or 2.9 cfm.
  • -Maximum water depth 18 feet.
  • -Suggested water depth up to 8 feet.
  • -Only 61 watts!
  • -For Ponds between 8000 to 20,000 gallons.

Two MDB11 Weighted Base with 9 inch Disc Diffusers.

  • -Award winning design.
  • -A total of two 9 inch EPDM Disc Diffuser.
  • -Produces medium size bubbles.
  • -Lowest back pressure diffuser on the market for maximum air flow and longest life for the air pump.
  • -Self Cleaning, no maintenance required. Very long lifetime.
  • -Weighted Base is fish friendly.
  • -Hose clamp connectors included.

Weighted Air Hose

  • -50 feet high quality 3/8" weighted hose.
  • -Will not kink or crush.

2 Way Heavy Duty Manifold

  • -High Quality Professional looking 2 way manifold with control valves.
  • -3/4" connection to the Hakko with two 3/8" barbs connecting to the hose.

The EZ Air Kits are complete packages ready for EZ installation. Each kit comes complete with Matala Air Pump, Air Diffusers, Sinking Air Hose and all connectors. We take all the guesswork out of aerating your pond.

Use standard Hakko diaphragm kits and magnets to rebuild Matala EZ Air Pumps.