Lifegard: Laminar Fountain with Color LED - Fountain Kit

by Lifegard
$ 1,679.99
$ 1,559.99

R441024KIT - Fountain Kit - Laminar with Color LED

Add elegance and fun to your pool, pond, fountain with a stream of color changing LED lights inside an arc of moving water. A remote control allows you to stop the lights on any single color or rotate through all the colors.

This stainless steel fountain emits an arched stream of illuminated moving water. Multicolored LED light travels the entire length of the arched water stream for a truly dynamic and breath-taking display.

  • Laminar Jet with LED lights
  • Mini Basin to house Laminar Jet
  • 1,110gph PondBuilder Mag-Drive Pump with discharge assembly
  • Medium Basin with anti-splash mat
  • Flexible Tubing 1" to connect basins