Laguna PowerClear Multi All-In-One Pump, Filter and UV

by Laguna
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Laguna PowerClear Multi All-In-One Pump, Filter and UV


  • 500 GPH - PT1817
  • 650 GPH - PT1818

Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit is the perfect way to combine powerful water movement whilst still being able to create beautiful water features in your pond. Easy to install, with just one cable, PowerClear Multi is the easy way to a clear and healthy pond. With its Advanced Filtration process, each PowerClear Multi model comes with durable filtration foams to catch dirt and debris, a revolutionary 'Bio-Brick' to house beneficial bacteria and remove ammonia, and a powerful UV. Powerful enough to run both a fountain and a waterfall.



  • Strainer cage protects impeller & assures continuous suction.
  • Powerful easy to clean impeller.
  • Diverter valve accepts 1" ID tubing.
  • Light indicator safely shows that UV lamp is working.
  • UV - Protective cover, Quartz sleeve.
  • Safety interlock switch protects against accidental human contact with UV light.
  • Dual control diverter valves for independent waterfall and fountain flow control.
  • Telescopic riser stem with vertical and horizontal pivoting for easy leveling.
  • Two fountainhead options (3-tier & water bell.)
  • Smart electronic pump ensures high performance.
  • easy maintenance thanks to ergonomic handles, and color coding of movable parts.

500 GPH

  • UV Watt - 13W
  • Max Pond Size - 600 Gal.

650 GPH

  • UV Watt - 13W
  • Max Pond Size - 900 Gal.