by Kasco
$ 431.00

Kasco’s Industrial Dock Mount is modeled after the Universal Dock Mount, but with heavier, stronger components for the rigors of industrial applications. The Industrial Dock Mount utilizes a 1.5” diameter pipe instead of the 1” used on the Universal Dock Mount and all of the underwater parts are stainless steel, as opposed to some thermoplastic components on the Universal model. The Mount can support up to 2HP units and fits a 1.5 inch (38mm) threaded or non-threaded pipe (NOTE: Pipe not included. We recommend the addition of a safety stop on top of the pipe.)

The Industrial option still allows for 360 degree operation, adjustment angling, and the ability to raise and lower the unit in the water column. Due to its stronger design, it also allows for the option of longer than a 10’ pipe for deeper applications.

The Industrial Dock Mount is ideal for the rigors of industrial or manufacturing processes such as oil fracking and dredging barges, security barriers, hydroelectric power generation, dams and locks, and lift gates.