by Kasco
$ 5,208.00

Kasco JF-Series Aerating Fountains improve the overall water quality of your pond, while enhancing it's appearance with interchangeable spray patterns. With Kasco's 3 HP 3.1JF decorative fountains, you get 5 interchangeable spray nozzles for the price of one (The Birch spray pattern is created by not using a nozzle).

Kasco’s 3.1JF decorative fountains are the perfect way to beautify any mid-to-large size pond or lake. This versatile fountain comes with six interchangeable nozzle heads giving you the option to choose and change the spray pattern as you wish. Optional lighting packages are available to extend the visual impact of your fountain into the evening hours.

 These easily installed fountains come complete and ready to go with everything you need to add beauty and drama to your water.

Kasco 3  HP Fountain includes a 3 year Manufacture Warranty

Lighting Options

There are also three Kasco 6 Led Light options for this fountain, a Stainless Steel 19W Waterglow 6 Light LED Kit, a 11W Waterglow Composite 6 Light Kit, and a 5W Waterglow Composite 3 Light RGB LED Kit

The RGB Light Options are only available with cord lengths up to 250'


All Composite Lights White or RGB include a 2 Year Manufacture Warranty.

Stainless Steel Lighting includes a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Complete With Everything You Need

Nozzles to create multiple decorative spray patterns, control panel with ground fault interrupter and photo-eye for optional light kit, power cord length to your specifications (50 foot increments), and mooring lines.

Industrial Strength
Designed with heavy-duty stainless steel components for continuous operation, extended motor life and corrosion prevention, even in salt water.

Energy Efficient
1750 rpm motors mean lower power consumption and longer life for seals and bearings.

Highly Dependable
Units are designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance, even in shallow water. They are the not likely fountains to clog because of Kasco's deflector technology, prop guard and standard bottom intake screen.

Easy To Use and Instal
Floating fountains are easy to install, move and operate. Spray nozzles are easily switched within 30 seconds.

Compliant and Warranted
Kasco JF Series floating fountains are approved to UL and CSA standards by ETL as complete packages. Each fountain comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A

The 3 HP 3.1JF Series fountains include:

  • 5 interchangeable nozzles
  • Bottom screen
  • Control panel

 Kasco 3.1 JF Fountains Technical Specs