EasyPro: Rock/Plant Grate for Pro Series AquaFalls

by EasyPro
$ 56.99

Rock/Plant Grates

  • A super strong grate is available for the small, medium and large Aquafalls; making it very easy to cover the falls box with rocks and plants.
  • The small filter grate is an egg crate shaped material while the medium and large grates are an engineered structural plastic material capable of holding several hundred pounds!

ASGR - EasyPro Pro-Series Small Rock Grate

  • L 24" x W 24"
  • 4 lbs.

AMGR - EasyPro Pro-Series Medium Rock Grate

  • L 30" x W 21.5" and 24"
  • 12 lbs.


ALGR - EasyPro Pro-Series Large Rock Grate 

  • L 30" x W 55" and 47"
  • 28 lbs.