EasyPro: Pro Series AquaFalls Biological Waterfall Filters

by EasyPro
$ 260.99

AquaFall's Biological Filters bury right into the ground and act as the base for your waterfall. AquaFalls Filters are easy to install! These filters have the simulated rock built right into the lip! Simply bolt the lip to filter and you're done - no foaming rock lip into place! Once installed it blends in with landscaping to provide a natural look. Our AquaFalls biological filters not only help keep your pond sparkling clean they also serve as a great start to your stream or waterfall. Designed for use with the pond skimmers for a truly professional looking pond. AquaFalls should be located as far away from skimmer as possible to create maximum circulation. 

AquaFalls Filters have an inlet hole on each side of the filter! (except the mini Aquafalls). Use the one that's most convenient for your incoming water and simply plug the other hole with a plug (included) or buy a ball valve and use the second hole as a drain for easier cleaning of the filter!

AquaFalls' Filters can be ordered with Matala filter pads. These are the best quality filter pads on the market today! When ordered with the filter, one green and two blue pads are included. 



Also available accessories for Aquafalls Filters:


Rock/Plant Grates (http://www.pondgardener.com/products/easypro-rock-plant-grate-for-pro-series-aquafalls)

A super strong grate is available for the small, medium and large Aquafalls; making it very easy to cover the falls box with rocks and plants. The small filter grate is an egg crate shaped material while the medium and large grates are an engineered structural plastic material capable of holding several hundred pounds!

ASGR for Small

AMGR for Medium

ALGR for Large


Replacement Filter Pads (http://www.pondgardener.com/products/easypro-replacement-filter-pads-for-aquafalls):

ATM - for Mini Aquafalls (Needs 2)

ASM - for Mini Aquafalls (Needs 3)

AMM - for Mini Aquafalls (Needs 3)

ALM - for Mini Aquafalls (Needs 3)

Mini AquaFalls Pro Series

  • Spillway: 14
  • Bulkhead: 1/2" (1)
  • Max. Pond Volume: 1200
  • Max Flow GPH: 2400
  • Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 18"
  • Part Number: AT

Small AquaFalls Pro Series

  • Spillway: 18
  • Bulkhead: 2" (2)
  • Max. Pond Volume: 2500
  • Max Flow GPH: 4200
  • Dimensions: 26" x 26" x 26"
  • Part Number: AS

Medium AquaFalls Pro Series

  • Spillway: 26
  • Bulkhead: 2" (2)
  • Max. Pond Volume: 6000
  • Max Flow GPH: 7200
  • Dimensions: 35" x 36" x 28"
  • Part Number: AM

Large AquaFalls Pro Series

  • Spillway: 50
  • Bulkhead: 3" (2)
  • Max. Pond Volume: 15000
  • Max Flow GPH: 15000
  • Dimensions: 36" x 65" x 36"
  • Part Number: AL