EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.

by EasyPro
$ 22.49

BWFN - EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.

Use to fill in cracks between rocks to prevent water from being"lost" over the waterfall

  • Improves water flow visually and black color hides foam in the shadows of the rocks.
  • Hand foam cans have a patented trigger system which allows multiple uses.
  • Trigger will dispense foam in any position.
  • Fish safe, non toxic formula.
  • BWFN is minimal expanding foam - fills in cracks with less trimming of excess foam.
  • 29 ounce gun foam also available for high volume users, use with foam guns, cleaner should be used any time the can is removed and left off - this will remove any uncured foam from inside the gun.