Carlisle Water Cut Off Sealant

by Carlisle
$ 7.99

Carlisle Water Cut Off Sealant

Let Carlisle simplify your next membrane installation with its Water Cut-Off Mastic. Water Cut-Off Mastic is a one-component, low-viscosity, self-wetting, butyl-blend mastic designed to be used in conjunction with roofing and waterproofing systems. It is primarily used as a sealing agent between various membranes and applicable when membrane is being terminated using a compression-type seal. Water Cut-Off Mastic is an extremely tacky material and will remain as such when used with compression-type terminations.

Features and Benefits

Extremely tacky

Provides a durable compression-type seal between various membranes and parapet wall constructions

Coverage Rate

10 linear feet per tube at the recommended application rate of a ½" bead.