Biosafe GreenaClean Xtreme Liquid Bacteria

by Biosafe
$ 42.95

GreenClean Xtreme Liquid Bacteria Features:

  • Adds beneficial bacteria reducing ammonia, nitrites and excess nutrients.
  • 68 strains of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria for faster activation.
  • Higher strain count than other liquid bacteria products making it more powerful.
  • No odor like in other liquid bacteria products.
  • 17 and 32 oz bottles with no mess measuring spout.

GreenClean Liquid Bacteria contains several strains of beneficial bacteria ideal for breaking down and digesting waste commonly found in ponds. GreenClean Liquid Bacteria can be used to help establish new ponds, as well as to re-establish ponds after major overhauls, or spring time start-ups.

Apply at least once a month to help support pristine healthy pond water, for overstocked or heavy organic loads, use weekly. If algae is already present, use GreenClean Granular to kill the algae, wait 48 hours then apply GreenClean Liquid Bacteria to bring the pond back into balance.

Item MPN Size Treats Amount
16032 6403-16 17 oz 1,700 Gal 12
16033 6403-32 32 oz 3,200 Gal 12
16035 6403-1 1 Gal 128,000 Gal 4
16034 6403-2.5 2.5 Gal 320,000 Gal 1