by Atlantic Water Gardens
$ 97.96
$ 96.99
PGPSM: Small
For pond 7’ x 9’ - net is 15’ x 20’.

PGPLG: Large
For ponds 9’ x 12’ - net is 20’ x 20’.

Pond & Garden Protector provides year round protection from predators. Domed design covers tall plants without causing damage and keeps falling leaves off the netting for easy clean-up. The ½” x ½” openings keep debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter. Helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic debris. Easy to assemble and remove. Kits include Ultra Pond Net, Nylon base, center receptor, four fiberglass poles, four 12’ tie downs, fourground stakes, twelve net stakes, eight net clips. All components store in re-usable drawstring bag.