by Aqua Ultraviolet
$ 162.00
$ 128.80

Limited Warranty (Lifetime Housing Warranty)

Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage UV 2000/2000+

Aqua Ultraviolet maintains their high-intensity performance in a 30% smaller unit that features a one-piece molded housing. One piece molded barbs make hose attachments easy and secure. Destroys harmful bacteria and protozoa and controls fish disease. Lightweight. UV resistant housing. LAMP - Industry's longest lamp life 14 months. CLEAR QUARTZ CAP. The glow tells you your lamp is on. QUARTZ SLEEVE Allows for 99.9% Transmission Rate. Highest quality quartz. Slender light weight housing for maximum flow rates. Designed for indoor / outdoor use. Limited lifetime warranty. Available in 8 or 15 watt sizes.