Airmax® SilentAir™ LR Series Aeration Compressors - PARTS

by Airmax - Eco Systems
$ 29.99

Airmax LR25 (SW20)/ LR50 (SW40) Maintenance Kit

Airmax Aeration Maintenance Kits contain the parts you need to restore your system to it's maximum potential. Kits should typically be installed 6-12 months depending on operating depth.

Airmax LR25 (SW20)/ LR50 (SW40) Air Filter

Maximize the life of your Airmax® Aeration System by maintaining your air filter. The durable media can be cleaned periodically for light debris. Replace every 3-6 months for maximum system performance and longevity.

Airmax Airflow Manifold Assembly

Replacement Manifold Assembly simplifies airflow management.