Airmax EcoSeries Display Fountains - 1/2 HP

by Airmax - Eco Systems
$ 1,799.99

The EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain displays beautiful spray patterns that outmatch other 3/4 HP and 1 HP fountains. The EcoSeries™ Fountain operates in as little as 24″ of of water and includes an energy efficient 1/2 HP motor, 3 spray patterns, control panel and comes standard with 100′ of power cord. The EcoSeries™ Fountain is also available in 150, 200′ or 250′ power cord lengths and includes a 3 Year Warranty.

Lighting Option

The Airmax® LED Light Set offers unique, nighttime displays for your pond. The energy-efficient, high-output 120 volt design uses less than 40 watts of power. The LED Light Sets have a fully sealed light housing to ensure a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries™ float making for a fast installation with no tools required.

All light sets come standard with 100′ power cord and strain relief; 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′, 350′ and 400′ power cord lengths are available. All LED Light Sets also include an underwater disconnect and stainless steel braiding between light fixtures and power leads to protect the power cord. White Lights are available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 Light Sets. 2 and 4 LED Light Sets are also available in new Color-Changing RGBW option, which allows you to change colors including red, green, blue, white and more with a single remote! Now you can enjoy your fountain at any hour. 3-year warranty.

Easy To Install 
The EcoSeries™ 1/2 HP Fountain was designed to be easy to assemble. No tools are required for assembly or when changing nozzles. The EcoSeries™ Fountain is equipped with a quick disconnect cord for easy removal of the motor and float.

Energy Efficient 
The 1/2 HP motor is energy efficient drawing 5.6 Amps, 670 watts on 120V power. The asynchronous motor, silicon carbide shaft bearing and ceramic shaft are housed in a stainless steel body with suction screen.

Spray Patterns 
The EcoSeries™ Fountain comes standard with 3 spray patterns: Classic, Trumpet and Crown & Trumpet. Premium Nozzles are available separately in Single Arch, Double Arch and Double Arch & Geyser.

Control Panel 
The Standard control panel is set-up to run your fountain and the optional LED Light Set. This simple control panel allows users to set a time for their fountain and lights to automatically switch on and off every day.

An optional deluxe control panel is available. Allowing you to separately control your fountain and lights. This panel allows users to set the time down to the minute for their fountain and light kits separately with up to 8 ON/OFF run times.

Airmax Deluxe Control Panel Users Manual


HP:   1/2 
Amps:  5.6 
Volts:  120 Volts 
Watts:  670 
Cord Length:  100' to 400' 
Warranty:  3 Years