Airmax EcoSeries RGBW Color-Changing LED Fountain 2 Light Set

by Airmax - Eco Systems
$ 899.99

  • RGBW Color-Changing LED Lights with Dimmer
  • RF Remote Up To 200' Range
  • Adjustable Above Waterline, Snap-on Design

Create a breathtaking atmosphere in your own backyard with Airmax® RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Sets. Now you can set the mood by changing the color including: white, blue, green, red and more. The Airmax® RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Set is run by a wireless remote with a range of up to 200ft. The wireless remote allows you to change colors, dim/brighten the lights, control flash speed and run up to 9 preset programs. Requires: 2 AAA Batteries (Included).

The adjustable above waterline design and completely sealed light housing ensures a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries™ float making for a fast installation with no tools required. All light sets also include an underwater disconnect and stainless-steel braiding between light fixtures and power leads to protect the power cord. Available in 2, 4 and 8 Light Sets without a power cord, making it easy to upgrade or replace existing Airmax® White LED Light Sets. 3-year warranty.

Includes 2 LED Lights, No Power Cord, Light Remote Control and 2 AAA Batteries.