Advantage: 750 Watt Solar Inverter

by Advantage Manufacturing
$ 1,979.00


This one of a kind solar inverter is outdoor duty rated and allows you to harness the power of the sun to the degree you can and makes up the difference you need from the grid by blending the power from the two sources. This smart MPPT inverter can even handle wind power as well.

In a nutshell, this is a programmable variable speed drive that converts 750 watts of DC power from solar panels or wind mills to AC power to drive a pool or pond pump. When the sun goes down or a cloud comes by and your pump needs more juice than the solar panel can generate, the inverter pulls what is needed to make up the difference from the Grid.

So, if you have solar panels already or wants to invest in three 255 watt panels and some racking, you can drive for example an Advantage ES6400 low amp pond pump on pure solar power during the day and switch over to the grid as night falls.

This MPPT Solar Inverter is available in other sizes to support bigger pumps and is completely scalable. Call for more information on ordering a different sized inverter specific to your application.