2 HP Single Speed Threaded Shaft Motor

by Advantage Manufacturing
$ 204.00

The 2 HP Threaded Shaft 56 J frame single speed motor is 100% Brand new and is compatible with pool pumps such as the Hayward Northstar, Hayward Super II. High quality and super efficient, it has a corrosion-resistent outer shell, easy wiring access and has a unique design which increases airflow across the winding. Cooler running motors like this one, will last longer and is made of high quality materials like all copper windings and stainless steel shafts unlike most motors today which use cheaper materials like aluminum windings. These are made to last. 

Note: You can extend your warranty period by one year only for an additional $39.

Also: These single speed products are not available for use on residential pools in CAAZFLCTRI & VT due to local regulations regarding energy efficiency. We recommend you select one of our 2 Speed or Variable Speed products for that application in those markets.